Freomob Dreams Meanings Interpretations

Dreams with houses represent your own self being and self worth. A big empty house means insecurities and thoughts that things are missing in your life. A small house full of objects can give feelings of life going too fast. A shiny new house is needing to move to a new phase of your life and put the past behind you. Clutter is about being overwhelmed by your day to day responsibilities. An old run down house feels like there are aspects of your life you cannot control. Decaying walls are mental clutter you need to release yourself from. An ordinary boring house is a mental rut you need to escape. Do you always dream about the same type of house? What do you find inside the house in your dreams? Are there specific rooms you see inside? Next time you dream of a house, concentrate on the rooms inside. Rooms can represent a separate want or need in your waking life.